ARM Executive Committee

President and Director         Richard Izzo



Executive Vice President      Margaret Adams

                                                       Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.


Treasurer and Director         Gene McGivney

                                                       Morgan Stanley


Corporate Secretary            Janet L. Edwards

                                                       Wells Fargo Securities LLC


Vice President and               Lenore Bell

Assistant Secretary                 Jane Street


Vice President/Membership   Eileen O'Connell Arcuri

and Director                                 Jefferies LLC


Vice President                           Karen Palumbo

                                                       Macquarie Group


Vice President - Midwest        Stephanie Rustad

                                                       Ameriprise Financial


Vice President                    Sean Driscoll

                                                       Wells Fargo


Vice President                    Roseanne Viscardi

                                                       PJT Partners


Board Administrator             Marian Desilets

                                                       MHD Consulting LLC

President Ex Officio                  Michele Van Tassel

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